Getting to Know Your Brass – 357 Sig

357 Sig is a round that maintains its popularity partly out of brand devotion (SIG Sauer), partly out of its use in law enforcement (ready supply of components and familiarity), and mostly because of the benefits and characteristics of the caliber itself. It can be a bear to manage properly, but reloading 357 sig brass is a solid return on time spent, and a great cartridge with which to build your reloading repertoire.

Brass Cases vs. Brass Casings

One of the pet-peeves of many gun-lovers is when someone refers to a loaded round of ammunition as a “bullet,” or when someone refers to a magazine as a “clip.” I’ve had similar feelings in the past when someone has referred to our pieces of brass by a term other than the one I was most familiar with. I’m speaking, of course, about whether they should be referred to as “brass cases” or “brass casings.” We’ve seen grown men almost come to harsh-words over what they should be called, so we thought we’d investigate a bit seeing as we probably say one term or the other at least a few hundred times a day in our office.